We are grateful to the following supporters of the
New York production of Romance of the Western Chamber:
Confucius Institute of San Diego State University
Dr. Li-Rong Lilly Cheng, Managing Director, CI-SDSU
Granite Hills Press

Judith S. Rubenstein

Jack and Charmian Bowsher
Dr. and Mrs. Alexander and Agnes Chuang
Asaph and Emily Engel
Siu-Fong Evans
David and Elaine Gould
M/M James H. Harris
Dr. Louis G. Harris
Tom and Loretta Hom
Chinyeh Hostler
Mu-ting Huang
Victor and Lucy Kan
Lenore Kaplan
Leah and Herb Karp
Victor Kung
Paulina Lee
Derry Levy
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Estelle and Hamilton Loeb
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Calvin A. Parker, PhD
Kathleen Roche-Tansey and Dr. David Tansey
Anne Rosser
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Sandra Silverstein
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Shirl Stoller
Irving G. Tragen
Sally Wong-Avery and Natasha Wong
Nathan Zechter
Yueying Zhan

Benjamin and Jennifer Zigun